We are a team of experienced, specialised Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors who believe in offering quality service to clients at transparent affordable prices.



With fixed prices starting from only £20 per month, you will receive


        Your own dedicated accountant

        Access to tax specialists

        Completion of your accounts and corporation tax return

Elixir started when a group of experienced Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers came together to start a company offering specialised services to small and medium sized companies. The aim was to bring to the market the knowledge they had gained over decades working for top accountancy firms and multinational corporations at affordable rates.

It was born out of conversation whereby companies subjected were subjected to liabilities and fines as individuals describing themselves as "accountants/tax advisers" were providing unqualified advice.

We started with the principle that our rates would be competitive so that small and medium sized businesses in the UK; individuals living here or abroad could access specialised quality advise without paying exorbitant rates.


We have reduced our costs by improved processes streamlined workflow system, digitalisation and automation.


Our paper free model helps us in keeping our carbon footprint low. We pass on these benefits to our customers by maintaining the lowest rate in the market.


Our professional services are designed to cater to hard working entrepreneurs who want to realise maximum profits and entrust their tax matters to an approachable and skilled team.