Budgeting and Forecasting


Budgeting and forecasting are common processes for a successful business. They are often linked together but they're different. Budgeting is usually looking a year ahead with more accurate plan whereas forecasting looks further ahead and may be more hypothetical.



Cash is the lifeblood of any business and having cash surplus to meet business needs is core to survivor.  Better planning on cash flow and accurate forecasting helps businesses thrive even in worse economic outlet. Ensuring your business is prepared for the future and is built on a solid foundation is essential for success. Accurate and regular financial forecasting is essential for protecting your business from potential cash shortfall, whilst maximising your chances of securing funding when you need it.



We have qualified professional with in-depth insight who can help your business in financial budgeting and forecasting cash flow correctly and help your business grow and prosper.



Business Analysis in Power Business Intelligence


We have designed tools, which can help businesses to monitor business financial on daily basis with an in-depth business analysis such as store sales, purchases, stock level geographical activities, and product-by-product sale on daily, on outlet-by-outlet basis. We create customised dashboard within MS Power BI to present your business data the way you like to see it.


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