Payroll Services


Our payroll and auto-enrolment pension services are specifically designed for the small and medium sized businesses which take pride in their work and need time to focus on their businesses while we take care of the payroll responsibilities. Payroll is increasingly becoming complicated, time consuming and a burden on small businesses that have to comply with minimum wage rates, auto-enrolment and GDPR. We provide stress free, reliable services at low costs.


Payroll set-up for new employer: We can help businesses set-up as an employer with HMRC. We also ensure a smooth transition for you from any current system or provider to us. We are registered payroll agents with HMRC and once a business is registered with us, we take care of the PAYE coding notice. We will ask you to complete Form 64-8 or FBI-2 or process an online registration request.


Payroll preparation: We provide payroll calculations and deductions.  We deal with attachment of earnings, student loans, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, auto-enrolment, NI and income tax. We will email you at the end of each pay period for the pay details of your employees have worked


Payroll report: We will send requests for information for each period. We will collect information and prepare detailed payroll reports for your approval. We'll process your payroll, then send out payslips and a summary of how much to pay your employees and HMRC


Payslips: we provide E-payslips via a secure portal or an encrypted PDF email with a summary of how much to pay your employees and HMRC.

Employee management: We provide P45 for leaver, and starter packs for the new joiners.


Real Time Information Submission Once we've received your approval, we'll submit your RTI return to HMRC.


Auto-enrolment pension: All employers in the UK are required to auto-enrol and enrol their employees into a qualifying Pension scheme.  The auto-enrolment has a significant cost and compliance impact on businesses throughout the UK. We help our clients to set up auto-enrolment pension and administer on their behalf.


CIS return


We also help our construction industry clients and verify subcontractors tax band online, prepare and submit monthly returns online, and notify you of the liability due to HM Revenue and Customs.


Our payroll bureau is dedicated to helping you resolve these issues professionally, accurately and promptly.


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