R&D claim

Our specialist team have experience working in taxation and technology and we ensure that you claim every penny possible. Our R&D team of qualified engineers, IT professionals and tax experts working together to ensure that your claim is fully compliant. We also ensure that risks are mitigated, and R&D claim is fully claimed.


We get to know your company and run a quick initial eligibility test on a short call. We perform due diligence and eligibility checks together with our partner.


Our processes are simple

        We gather financial and technical information about your project with minimal disruption to your business.

        We assess and analyse financial and technical data to maximise your claim by examining your R&D project and accounts.

        Our technical inhouse team will construct your claim and ensure that its fully compliant with legislation.

        We file your claim to HMRC.

You can reuse your Research and Development relief money in the further development and reclaim more research and development claim.

We provide cradle to grave service to trading companies in the UK.


Require more information?


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What is a SME for R&D tax credit purposes?

An SME for research and development tax credit purposes is an entity together with connected entities (linked and partner enterprises) must have fewer than 500 staff, and either:


A turnover of no more than £100 million; or

Gross assets of no more than £86 million.


Is there a minimum amount of expenditure for an R&D tax credit claim?


No, there is no minimum amount of qualifying expenditure.


Would there be any penalties for the incorrect claim?

Yes, HMRC will charge penalties same as other taxes on the behaviour bases and can be amount to the 100% of loss revenue, a maximum of the total value of the claim plus return of the claim amount.


What is the R&D tax credit eligibility criteria?

The following is a list of the eligibility criteria for R&D tax credits. To make a claim, you must:


        Be a UK entity subject to Corporation Tax.

        Be a going concern and not to be in administration or liquidation.

        Be undertaking qualifying R&D activities.

        Have spent money on these R&D activities.

        Not be capital in nature.

        Be carrying out a trade or future trade to which the R&D activities relate.

        Not have subcontracted R&D activities by the other SME.

        Have expenditure deductible for corporation tax purposes in the claim period.

        Have not received grants or subsidies in respect of the expenditure.




Claim period?

The company can make a claim within 2 years of the end of the accounting period.


Would HMRC offset the claim money against other taxes before refund?

Yes, HMRC has right to offset the claim money against other debts to HMRC such as PAYE, VAT or corporation tax etc.




How long

When do I need to claim R&D relief