Capital Allowance


Over half of all businesses in the UK do not claim their entitlement to the capital allowances, which could be worth hundreds of thousands of ponds. Capital allowances are a highly effective way of reducing the after-tax cost of buying plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings, and acquiring, building, fitting out or refurbishing property.


Many high streets accountant's experience and knowledge is limited to the basic capital allowance relief and top 10 accountancy firms are too expensive to hire. so, many businesses do not claim all of the capital allowances or other tax reliefs to which they are entitled. Our dedicated Capital Allowances team is led by specialists with extensive experience in applying the tax legislation.

We have analysed almost half of a billion of capital spending, and we add value by working closely with our clients' management, finance and technical teams to fully understand the nature of qualifying expenditure and maximise the claim by fully analysing the costs and report to HMRC appropriately.



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