Property Tax


We offer a range of property tax advice specifically for landlords or those with second properties. We have a panel of accountants and tax advisers with experience in providing solutions to individuals, joint property owners, limited companies, buy to let landlords, property investors, property developers or other types of landlords looking for an accountant.


Our processes are simple

Most property investors are not aware that they can structure their tax affairs to reduce the tax they legally pay, and how to do it. Not only this but most high street accountants do not utilise the various forms of tax relief or alternative ownership structures available to help reduce their tax burden.


Our accountants can help you save money by ensuring that you are maximising all forms of tax allowances and deductions which are extended to landlords, as well as advise you on the most tax-efficient way to purchase or maintain a property to let. Our accountants can also help with accountancy matters and grow your property rental business portfolio.


We can help you if


  Rent out a room - if you lodge someone on a long-term basis or through Airbnb

  Rental property - if you rent out your home or flat on a short or long-term basis but not as a furnished holiday letting by a UK resident or non-resident.

  Service Accommodation or House of Multiple Occupations (HMO) - if you have service accommodation or HMO.

  Property developers - if you are a builder or like flipping properties.

  Furnish Holiday Letting (FHL) - if you let your property as a furnished holiday letting

  Disposal of a Property - if you sell a property, you must report to HMRC within 30 days (currently) of disposal and pay your tax liability. It is important to ensure that you have claimed all exemptions and reliefs.


We help UK residents, expats, non-residents investors, landlords, HMOs and developers in managing compliance matters and also with tax planning.


How we help


  Registration with HMRC

  Referral to a specialist buy to let mortgage broker and financial planner

  Bookkeeping system software and access to our App.

  Preparation of profit and loss account

  Preparation and submission of Self-Assessment Tax Return

  Abbreviated Accounts prepared and submitted to Companies House

  Full Accounts and Corporation Tax Return prepared and submitted to HMRC

  Preparation and submission of the confirmation statement

  HMRC 30 days of residential property disposal reporting for resident and non-resident

  ATED (annual tax on the enveloped dwelling) tax return and reporting

  Stamp duty land tax and value-added tax


Tax planning advice on

  Tax efficiently structuring your property business/investment

  Incorporation of the property portfolio

  Inheritance tax and asset protection


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