Tax enquiries and investigations


We have experience and expertise to deal with tax enquiries and investigation of complex cases. We cover the whole of the UK for tax investigation cases.


Tax enquiries

HMRC has a regime of filing tax return under self-assessment and have right to enquire into a tax return (in most cases) within 12 of the filing of the tax return or end of the accounting period. If HMRC find deliberate and concealed errors, then they can extend the enquiries up to 4/6 years and in cases with fraud it can be extended to 30 years. HMRC imposed penalties on behaviour-basis up to 100% of the lost revenue.


Tax Investigations

HMRC introduced Tax Investigations regime to check if the person has paid the correct amount of tax. Tax investigations are usually on an intelligence basis. HMRC usually start investigation in different modes such as a compliance check, a fraud investigation, code of practice 8 or code of practice 9, depending on the seriousness of the case. We can represent our clients during the course of the tax investigation and negotiate with HMRC.


We cover the following areas of tax investigations:


        HMRC Compliance Checks

        HMRC Tax Investigation

        Tax Fraud Investigation

        HMRC Fraud Investigation Services (FIS)

        Code of Practice 9 Investigation

        Code of Practice 8 Investigation

        Contractual Disclosure Facility - CDF



Require more information?


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