Limited Liability Partnerships



The key characteristic of an LLP is that it is treated as a separate legal entity from its members, giving them the benefit of limited liability - therefore protecting their personal assets. The members only have liability up to the amount they have contributed to the LLP - a significant advantage over a traditional partnership, where partners' liability is unlimited.


Similar to the requirements that companies must adhere to, LLPs are required to file financial information at Companies House. This includes annual returns and accounts, notification of changes to memberships and the registered office, and details relating to a mortgage or charge, if created. As in all cases, failure to comply on time will result in penalties from Companies House, so it is imperative that as an LLP, you meet your statutory requirements.


In Limited Liability Partnership, the partners are liable to income tax and NIC on the same basis as sole traders. Partnerships are required to inform the authorities in the same way as sole traders for personal tax but also need to inform HMRC for corporation tax. For VAT purposes, the turnover limit is a limit for the whole partnership and not for each partner.


Accounting for partnerships is complex and you need a specialist accountant. Partnerships are also subject to very specific tax rules which are becoming increasing complex in recent years and must be navigated with care. No matter how complicated you tax affairs are, we can take care of everything for you.


We offer services:


      Incorporation of LLP

      Appointment and termination of partners

      Prepare and submit confirmation statement to Companies House

      Prepare and submission of LLP accounts to CH and HMRC

      Prepare and submit the partnership tax return

      Prepare and submit the partners' personal tax returns as required

      Administrate payroll services as required

      Prepare and submit VAT returns as required

      Advice on minimising your tax liabilities

      Advice on disposal on partnership assets




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